Jack Powis, 20, has officially signed on as Darwin Wealth Managements 4th employee on 4 January 2016 as a Trainee Paraplanner.

The young talent has spent his educational holidays working for Darwin Wealth Management since the Summer of 2011. He would work on any specialist projects sent his way, and has more recently helped out with DarwinWealth’s Investment and Inheritance Tax seminars, as well as running the official Facebook Page.

Since officially signing on as an employee, Managing Director Med Evans plans to train him up to a qualified advisory level, starting with his level 4 CII Certificate in Paraplanning. Additionally, Jack will study towards a level 3 Business and Administration apprenticeship through Shropshire County Training.

UntitledMed speaks very highly of his new employee, and is happy to officially have him part of the team after his many years of service. “The rate at which Jack learns at is incredible, and has already began teaching me a lot in the process. It immediately becomes a win-win situation where Jack gets experience and qualifications, and we in favour get a very capable and skilled new member to the team.

Every once in a while you see a raw gifted talent, someone who grasps software and projects empowered with the enthusiasm of youth makes these tasks look effortless. Jack is a truly gifted and intelligent young man”.

Speaking with Jack he says: “It’s no secret that I’ve been with Darwin for quite some time now. I’ve loved working with Med and I’ve felt like part of the team since day one. I find the studying very interesting, which helps a lot when learning the material. It’s a very exciting time for me, and I look forward to contributing to the business and to follow Med’s passion for outstanding customer service”.