Free Consultation

We understand that the best relationships between a client and their adviser are based on trust and this is built over time. Before even beginning that relationship it is helpful to have a mechanism to see if you feel you could work with a particular adviser and firm which is why we offer a free consultation.
Why do we offer a free consultation?

First, a free consultation provides you with an opportunity to meet with an adviser and understand their approach without worrying about any potential charges. People are sometimes hesitant to contact professional advisers because they mistakenly think they’ll be charged a fee for everything. This initial consultation is free of charge and without obligation.

Second, a free consultation gives you a good opportunity to understand your basic financial options.

Third, you get the chance to understand how our service can help you and know precisely what any costs may be. In other words, it helps you to be clear about the benefits of financial advice and whether you want to use our services.

To sum up, an initial free session gives us both chance together to find out more about each other – we learn about your circumstances and requirements. We are transparent with you about our approach and charging structure, should you decide to work with us.

What can you expect?

Your complimentary consultation can last up to one hour and be conducted over the phone or in person, whichever is most convenient for you.

No obligation

This is a complimentary consultation so there is no cost or obligation to proceed any further.

Friendly and informal

There is no set agenda so you can ask questions on any financial subject. The adviser will simply start by asking how we can help you.

No pressure

There are no documents to be signed and absolutely no pressure to take things further at any time.

After the consultation, if you did want to proceed you could arrange your first advice session or take more time to think about it. You are under no obligation to proceed any further.

Preparing for your consultation

Whether you are meeting an adviser in person or over the phone, the only preparation required is simply to have any relevant documents to hand and an idea of the questions or topics you would like to discuss.

Please note that a free consultation will not involve an in-depth analysis of your finances and won’t result in any specific or personal recommendations.

How to book your free consultation

You are very welcome to visit us here at our offices to discuss your needs or if you prefer we can visit you at your premises if located in Shropshire. Outside of this area, we suggest a telephone or email consultation.

To arrange your complimentary session with an independent financial adviser, please call 0333 023 7670 during normal office hours.