After the success we had last Autumn, our first investment and inheritance tax seminar of the year appeared to go down extremely well.  FBC Mandby Bowdler co-hosted the event with Darwin Wealth Management, both parties mutual respect for each other have found the joint venture a great success. Margaret Rowe and Andrew Vernon (Partners of FBC) joined Med Evans from Darwin Wealth as the three phenomenal speakers for the first seminar of the year.

High Appraisal to Hosts

Reaching to those based more in Northern/Eastern parts of Shropshire, Tern Hill Hall provided the perfect location to touch base. Their service of tea and coffee saw much talk around how good their hand made biscuits were! Followed by a superb lunch the tone and formality were set to create a thoroughly interesting, informative and pleasant atmosphere. The customer service Tern Hill provided was something that Med Evans spoke very highly of when looking back on how the seminar went. He even went as far as to claim that “they were one of the best venue’s we have used to date for hosting our seminars”.

Due to the high numbers of attendees, Med saw the need for a PA system to cater for the larger audience, and potential hearing difficulties some audience members might have had. The PA system (provided by Yarrington) got many of the audience members approval. One audience member event went as far to say that he “heard every word […] as a deaf an old person”.

“The Feedback Was the Best Meal of the Day”

Tern Hill Seminar Hall

The Ball Room, Tern Hill Hall all set up and ready to host the first seminar of the year.

It was a seminar that all parties involved could be proud of. A turnout of around 50 guests made sure all seats were to be taken, and the audience participation was something all guest speakers thoroughly enjoyed! One attendee gave the feedback “[the seminar was] very well presented by all, not rushed, & [we were] given every chance to ask questions”, as well as rating all speakers as excellent. Ensuring the audience was constantly reminded of the opportunity to ask questions provided great grounds for many additional areas to be covered. In particular, one question that was asked gave the entire audience clarity on the fees involved in creating a Power of Attorney.

The presentations given by all three speakers proved to tick many boxes for the audience. In an industry where every client has different wants and needs; Med, Margaret and Andrew gave a fantastic sweeping overview into the world of investments, inheritance tax, wills and trusts. Above all, the dynamic three loved speaking to members of the audience during the breaks to cater for their individual questions. Several feedback forms saw the comments: “very interesting”; “I’ve learnt a lot”; and that the entire day was “very enjoyable!”.  Of course, delivering these events is still part of a huge learning process for everyone involved. The constructive feedback means a lot to FBC and Darwin, and both parties are already taking each and every comment on-board. The feedback provides excellent fuel to strive to deliver and maintain their high standards for next Wednesday’s sell out seminar, where The Park House Hotel in Shifnal have the privilege of hosting the meaningful speakers.